Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

We remain on our qualities

Acting expertly. Working with honesty. Maintaining our customers' notorieties for being great as our own. Treating individuals and the earth with deference. Acting in a socially capable way.

Cooperating and considering the manner in which we work. Thinking about the moral components of our activities.

These are our qualities, our set of accepted rules.

We consider it The VMR Experience. What's more, today, like never before, we trust it is essential to help every one of our partners to remember where we stand - and a big motivator for we.

Download a duplicate of the Code of Conduct Living our Purpose and Values — VMR Code of Conduct

Every single outsider connected by VMR ought to guarantee consistence with the Third Party Code of Conduct.

This record passes on VMR desires and enables outsiders to comprehend their commitments towards consenting to endorsed laws and guidelines including those on hostile to debasement.

To report any worries, it would be ideal if you contact the VMR Ethics and Business Conduct